Top 10 Reasons to Join the Rosemead Chamber Of Commerce


Advancing  community and  business, providing a platform for making long lasting connections is a common goal shared by the Chamber investors.  Year round networking events gives you an opportunity to broaden your network of business connections with individual and businesses who understand the importance of being a good business neighbor. Whether your goal is to develop business partnerships, expand your market, better understand the needs of today’s businesses or just to become more well known in the local community, you won’t find a better venue to achieve your networking goals than The Chamber.


Through its vast menu of advertising, sponsorship and public relations opportunities, the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce helps you align your company with an organization recognized from excellence. With its vast network of businesses and community decision-makers, the Chamber assists in building your brand recognition and visibility among a receptive audience in the local community.


As a member, you receive a complimentary classified listing in our Chamber Business Directory (which  is published every couple of years).  This Directory is mailed to all our member’s businesses in the city of  Rosemead, plus all city contacts and other Chambers of Commerce


Membership at the Chamber includes a free web listing on the Chamber’s website.  Your website can also   be linked to ours by supplying us with a Company Logo and your web address.


Referrals at the Chamber of Commerce consist only of Chamber Members.


The Chamber helps and supports new businesses by providing publicity,  advertisement and community support. The chamber organizes  Grand Opening’s of a new business with a Ribbon Cutting sponsored by the Chamber.


There are various committees that a business can join.  One of such committees  is the Ambassadors Committee,  whose mission is to foster the growth of the business and professional community, by acting as the voice of the Chamber and letting its members take advantage of their benefits. If you would like to get more involved with the Chamber of Commerce, we have various committees that you could join.  Ambassadors meet once a month and discuss the Chamber’s upcoming events and the ways they can be   most useful to the Chamber.  They also are the meeters and the greeters at all Chamber events, and in doing so, represent their Company’s as well as the Chamber.


Rosemead Chamber of Commerce actively advocates for public policy that supports business and community success at the local, state and national levels. The Rosemead Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee strives to keep you informed about legislative issues that may affect your business both locally and federally.


It never hurts to have an ally.  The Chamber serves as a support system for all Your business needs, large or small.


In order to keep you informed on a daily basis, whenever the Chamber has information that has to be   publicized immediately, an E-mail new blast is sent off to all members and other interested businesses.


About Rosemead Chamber of Commerce

The Rosemead Chamber Of Commerce is a voluntary non-profit organization of the business community. It unites business, industry, service and professional individuals and firms, thus creating a central agency which lends itself to improving business and building a better community. It must be understood that a Chamber of Commerce is PEOPLE. It organizes and directs the energies of those who believe that a community worth living in is a community worth improving. The Chamber of Commerce enables these people to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually. It assembles the strength needed in the development process, combining it with broad-scale participation which serves as a catalyst vehicle and example for community process. IT'S RESPONSIBILITY: The major responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce is the community’s economic well-being. It works to increase wealth and prosperity by facilitating the growth of existing business and fostering new ones. The Chamber meets this responsibility in three steps: 1. It examines community needs to determine what must be done to make it a better place to live and to do business. 2. It channels community resources to the fulfillment of these needs. 3. It organizes and develops the necessary leadership to guarantee that the organization will become an effective force for expansion and improvement.

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