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UWest Student Entrepreneur Paints Unorthodox Picture of China’s Economy

Michael Oertel, student of University of the West, Rosemead California, recently released his first book “An Introduction to China’s Economic Development, or simply we can say, Doing Business in China. Michael Ortel is currently completing his M.B.A in International Business from University of the West, Rosemead, CA. Prior coming to California for his M.B.A Michael was one the most in-demand and prime consultants to American companies seeking business opportunities in China and visa-versa. Michael has extensive first-hand knowledge about the Chinese culture and can tell you the best practical ways to     be successful in China. He can speak Mandarin and some sub Chinese dialects.

1) What inspired you to write your book?

After returning to the United States from a long but pleasurable experience working and living in China, I wanted to share my perspective on China’s economic development. My book “An Introduction to China’s Economic Development” which is available on, is tailored towards Americans who are interested in understanding China’s economic development and what indicators to evaluate when assessing China’s economy. My book is unorthodox in a sense because I nearly ignore statistical data such as GDP and GDP growth rates when evaluating China’s economic development and focus more on developmental indicators such as total population, population growth rate, education, health care, income inequality, et cetera. After carefully evaluating China’s economic development using human development indicators, I explain how they will affect China’s long-term development. What the reader will find, after reading my book, is that China is facing many internal problems that are not reflected in its GDP growth rate.  For example, why are the wealthiest Chinese trying to get their money out of China and into the United States? Or why are Chinese students going to great pains to study abroad when the Chinese government is reallocating so much money to Chinese universities? These questions and more are addressed in my book to bring awareness to the public but more specifically for American organizations that are contemplating whether or not to relocate operations to mainland China.

2) How did you come to do what you’re doing today?

My initial plan, after finishing my undergraduate degree, was to teach English in China for four months and then return to get my masters degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Chinese-American diplomacy. However, as you can tell, my plans have changed. I find that government is too inefficient and haunted with legacy issues which impair its ability to adapt to the 21st century. I am not the kind of person who can sit in their comfort zone for too long and just go through the motions 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I like to explore the unknown and indulge in things that Americans would never fathom doing. Right away I noticed my niche- I have the ability to adapt to my local environment much faster than the average American which gives me a comparative advantage in China.

Right now I am working to develop an organization that will help Chinese students and American teachers. While teaching in China, I noticed that the universities lacked qualified teachers and that the United States has an over-supply of qualified teachers. My organization will help bridge these two inefficiencies by recruiting American teachers who have been affected by the recent budget cuts and help them find jobs teaching in China. What is different about my organization than other recruiting agencies is that my organization will provide additional training before our teachers begin teaching in a Chinese classroom.  In simpler terms we will make sure that all of our teachers are prepared for their transition into the Chinese classroom so that instructions are effective and productive. I strongly believe this solution is a win-win for both China and the United States. China will receive qualified teachers and the United States will receive job opportunities.

3) What do you think about China U.S trade relations?

I think China and the United States have such a unique relationship never before witnessed in history. China needs American consumption and the United States needs China to buy its debt. This relationship is effective only if the two countries can maintain good relations. However, relations between China and the United States are affected by miscommunication and mistrust due to cultural and language disconnect. The only way to break down this barrier is through cultural exchange programs. Cultural exchange programs will send representatives from each country to study and learn more about their host country’s culture and values. My organization is addressing this dilemma by incorporating services that will help more Chinese students study in the United States and more importantly, help American students study in China.

4) What do you most enjoy about what you do?

I enjoy what I do because I want to help improve relationships between the United States and China. I think my organization can address this problem while simultaneously helping Chinese students and creating jobs for American teachers.

5) Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey?

I would say Thomas Friedman and Peter Hessler have been the most influential. Thomas Friedman because he is always challenging Americans to have the audacity to go out and change things and Peter Hessler because his books and articles really capture China’s development and its people. I would advise people to stay away from books by Henry Kissinger regarding China because they do not capture the realities of China (I might get into trouble for this statement).

6) Can you share some business tips for our readers, intending to do international business?

Adapt fast and show respect to your host. Remain open-minded and try everything- think of it as a performance not just a responsibility. Rely on your intuition and less on rational thinking- rational thinking could get you in trouble when conducting business in China.

7) Can you share something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

I am a political scientist at heart and enjoy reading about the Middle-East. I think the world is interconnected in a way and I enjoy the challenge of building relationships and correlations between variables that others dare not to explore. I spend less time reading about theory and more time reading books by journalists and their personal experiences. I don’t believe a person with a PhD sitting in his office in Cambridge Massachusetts can capture the world order better than those who are in the trenches everyday experiencing day-to-day transactions.

If you would like to contact Michael Oertel regarding this article or are interested in fostering better working relationships between China and the United States please feel free to write to his personal webmail account at

Murray Johannsen, President, Legacee Corporate Services, Inc.-

“This book is a goldmine for anyone who wants to do business in China. It’s jammed full of interesting stories, valuable facts, hard to find statistics, illustrations and significant pictures of daily live in China—it is a must read”.

Dr. William Howe, author, leadership strategist, Dean of Academic Affairs
“We’ve all heard that we’re in ‘the Century of China.’ Michael’s Oertel’s
book makes this abundantly clear and shows the reader, with ample
evidence, why China will inevitably become what he calls “the
destination of choice” for individuals and companies as we move further
into the century. The focus here is on understanding and even
empathizing with China and the Chinese culture — a perspective we would
all do well to adopt if we hope to interact well with this superpower in
the crucial decades ahead.”
By Takspa Lekdan

Dinsmoor Heritage House Christmas Open House “An Old Fashioned Christmas”

On December 3, 2011, the Dinsmoor Heritage House and friends celebrated the Holidays with their Annual Holiday Christmas Celebration and Open House.  The historic Dinsmoor is located at 9632 Steele Street, on the corner of Temple City Blvd and Steele in “the mead”. The house was built in 1927 and is now one of the oldest houses in Rosemead.

The Dinsmoor had been beautifully decorated for the Holidays inside and out.  Inside a beautiful tree, garland tied with bows strung through the banisters, holiday decorations placed all through the house, and the dining room table was filled with Christmas goodies, fudge and cakes, cookies and candies, all prepared by members of the society for their guests. Outside, the grounds had been neatly groomed and the house looked great with the all the new cosmetic repairs.

The whole community was invited for a wonderful afternoon of music, holiday goodies and gift raffles. Visitors were all so amazed at the huge historical house.  Many of them had never seen the house or even been inside, even the neighbors who have lived near the house for many years.  Tours were conducted once an hour, and attendees got to see parts of the house, some people have never seen.

We also were very lucky to have Coach Chuck Lyons and the Rosemead High School Girls Basketball Team, who volunteered to help with the event.  The girls were very in awe of the house.  Most of them took the tour several times.  They were told stories of what it was like when the Dinsmoor family lived in the house and how much different it was then.

It was a great day!

By Cathy Brehm

Seminar on How to Start-up your own Business

Surrendra P. Mehta, Entrepreneur & Business Owner Subway Rosemead, CA

It is the dream of many people to become a business owner. In order to successfully start-up a business, one needs to prepare and meet certain requirements and conditions, such as having minimum capital and competitive products/services.  Many businesses fail during its start-up or its initial expansion. In this seminar, Mr. Surendra P. Mehta, a successful business owner and entrepreneur, will share his many years of experience. He will discuss how to start-up and expand your own business successfully.

Mr. Mehta is the owner of Subway in the City of Rosemead. He also has successfully set up various food product facilities overseas.  He is a member of the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  He received his MBA from West CoastUniversity, Los Angelesand studied in the Executive Management program at UCLA. He was also an adjunct professor of the MBA program at Universityof La Verneand has been listed in Who’s Who in California.

This seminar is organized by Rosemead Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Business Administration, and the Center for the Study of Minority and Small Business at UWest.


The Seminar is open to the public free of charge. UWest is located at1409 N. Walnut Grove Avenue,Rosemead,CA91770, off the 60 Freeway. For more information or to reserve your seat please call (626) 571-8811, ext. 125.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011. 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Rosemead’s September Run for the Memorial

By Cathy Brehm

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, at 8:00 a.m., 10 years from the tragic event on September 11, 2001, about 75 or more individuals participated in the “Second Annual Run/Walk for the Memorial” raising funds for the beautiful monument that would be unveiled the following day at City Hall.

The Run for the Memorial began at the UFC Gym, located at 8920 Glendon Way and ended at Rosemead City Hall and was presented by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, UFC Gym and the City of Rosemead.

I was able to catch one of the 5K runners, Takspa Lekdan , and he commented on his experience at the run.  “It was very well organized, weather was great and towards the end of the race, my deep emotions and thoughts of 9/11, gave me the energy to sprint to the finish line.” To his misfortune, Takspa, entering the race at the very last moment, and not having enough time to get his T-Shirt on before the race began, so in error was not recognized as one of the winners. “Just being able to participate was enough for me”, he commented.

At the end of the run/walk, medals were awarded to the top three male and female finishers in each division and to all participants 10 years and younger.  All participants received a Run for the Memorial T-Shirt, a 30-day pass to the UFC Gym, and a giveaway bag.

It was a great day for Rosemead!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Rosemead Chamber Of Commerce


Advancing  community and  business, providing a platform for making long lasting connections is a common goal shared by the Chamber investors.  Year round networking events gives you an opportunity to broaden your network of business connections with individual and businesses who understand the importance of being a good business neighbor. Whether your goal is to develop business partnerships, expand your market, better understand the needs of today’s businesses or just to become more well known in the local community, you won’t find a better venue to achieve your networking goals than The Chamber.


Through its vast menu of advertising, sponsorship and public relations opportunities, the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce helps you align your company with an organization recognized from excellence. With its vast network of businesses and community decision-makers, the Chamber assists in building your brand recognition and visibility among a receptive audience in the local community.


As a member, you receive a complimentary classified listing in our Chamber Business Directory (which  is published every couple of years).  This Directory is mailed to all our member’s businesses in the city of  Rosemead, plus all city contacts and other Chambers of Commerce


Membership at the Chamber includes a free web listing on the Chamber’s website.  Your website can also   be linked to ours by supplying us with a Company Logo and your web address.


Referrals at the Chamber of Commerce consist only of Chamber Members.


The Chamber helps and supports new businesses by providing publicity,  advertisement and community support. The chamber organizes  Grand Opening’s of a new business with a Ribbon Cutting sponsored by the Chamber.


There are various committees that a business can join.  One of such committees  is the Ambassadors Committee,  whose mission is to foster the growth of the business and professional community, by acting as the voice of the Chamber and letting its members take advantage of their benefits. If you would like to get more involved with the Chamber of Commerce, we have various committees that you could join.  Ambassadors meet once a month and discuss the Chamber’s upcoming events and the ways they can be   most useful to the Chamber.  They also are the meeters and the greeters at all Chamber events, and in doing so, represent their Company’s as well as the Chamber.


Rosemead Chamber of Commerce actively advocates for public policy that supports business and community success at the local, state and national levels. The Rosemead Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee strives to keep you informed about legislative issues that may affect your business both locally and federally.


It never hurts to have an ally.  The Chamber serves as a support system for all Your business needs, large or small.


In order to keep you informed on a daily basis, whenever the Chamber has information that has to be   publicized immediately, an E-mail new blast is sent off to all members and other interested businesses.

City of Rosemead Splash Zone Grand Opening

It was a fun day for the residents of Rosemead on Saturday, July 9th, 2011, when the City of Rosemead reopened the first of two state of the art aquatic centers at GarveyPark.

The lines were long but everyone was really excited to be able to experience all this park has to offer. The new water park includes 2 water slides, 2 splash pay areas and a 1,500 square foot lesson pool.  The Zone also includes picnic accommodations and a new building that houses lockers, showers, and offices.

Mayor Steven Lye taking the first ride

Honored guests at the opening were Congresswoman Judy Chu and Senator Ed Hernandez, along with the Rosemead City Officials, Mayor Steven Ly, and Council Members Sandra Armenta, Polly Low and Bill Alarcon. Congresswoman Judy Chu and Senator Ed Hernandez presented the City with certificates of recognition for this fantastic addition to the city.

Congresswoman Judy Chu with Executive Roesmead Chamber Member Jimmy Wang

The Splash Zone is located at 3233 Kelburn Avenue, and is open for recreational swim from July 10th thru September 5th, Monday – Friday 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m.  It is also open September 10th, 17th and 24th (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 Noon to 4:00 p.m.  The entry fee is $1 for ages 17 and younger ($20SeasonPass) and $2 for 18 years and older ($30SeasonPass).  Family of 6 Season Pass is $50.


The opening for the new and improved Rosemead Aquatic Center at 9155 E. Mission Drive will be August 13th, 2011.

By Cathy Brehm

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Rosemead Chamber of Commerce join hands with SCORE

We have added a new benefit to being a Chamber Member, Business Counseling from SCORE.

 Formed in 1964 as the Service Corps of Retired Executives, the organization is now known simply as SCORE.

SCORE is free to all Chamber members as a confidential source of small business mentoring and coaching. SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education, growth and success to small businesses nationwide and provides services in over 30 locations acrossLos AngelesCounty. More than 60 SCORE volunteer counselors (retired business executives) provide individual mentoring and business workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Business counseling services are provided at no cost, by appointment only.

SCORE business mentors are volunteers, volunteers who have achieved business success, and want to help small businesses succeed.  The mentors work with entrepreneurs through every phase of their entrepreneurial venture, generating and assessing ideas, preparing a business plan, raising capital, and managing the marketing, operations and finances of the growing venture.

SCORE can help businesses in many ways.

  • Confidential business mentoring
  • Long-term business coaching
  • Face-to-face brainstorming sessions
  • Online email advice available anytime
  • Local workshops and seminars on business topics, like QuickBooks and Business and Financial Planning.

If you are interested in meeting with a SCORE volunteer, please give the Chamber a call at, Cathy Brehm- (626) 288-0811 and we will make all the arrangements.

You can also visit-

Rosemead Chamber of Commerce –


2011 Annual Installation Banquet “Carpe Diem”

Everyone agreed, “It was a blast from the past” on June 30th, when the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce presented their 84th Annual Installation and Awards Dinner.

By Cathy Brehm

 The Annual Installation and Awards Banquet happens once a year and is the night that the Chamber installs their new upcoming group of Board of Directors, presents to one deserving individual, the Herb Hunter Business Person of the Year Award, honors the Chamber’s “Business of the Year”, and presents to one of their members the “Ambassador of the Year Award”.

RCC Board Member Ed Chen(Athens Services). Hosting the event

Athens Services,this year's Title Sponsor for the event.

This year’s Title Sponsor for the event was Athens Services, represented by Ed Chen. Table Sponsors included: Brown’s Jewelry & Loan, CH Auto, City of Rosemead, Consolidated Disposal, El Monte Rosemead Adult School, Holiday Inn Express, Panda Restaurant Group, Pacific Alliance Bank, Pacific Western Bank, Southern California Edison, Southwest Management, Wal-Mart, and Willdan.

The dinner was held at the beautiful Doubletree by Hilton where it has been held for over 10 years now.  It was a 60’s theme, jeans, tie die, peace signs, and wild hair styles.  It was the 60’s, the decade of the Vietnam War,Woodstock, Hippies, with sayings like “Make love not war” and “Give peace a chance”.  And the guests were encouraged to dress the part. The banquet room was decorated with memories from the decade, multi colored beads hanging in the doorways, tie-dyed scarves centered on the table tops with cute wine flower vases filled with sunflowers, multi-colored napkins and 60’s music playing in the background.  And the stage was decorated with a big yellow bus and lots of colored psychedelic images in the background.

Left to Right - Takspa Lekdan - Marketing Analyst Rosemead Chamber of Commerce, RCC Board Memeber-Surendra Mehta & Board Member Ryan Junk UFC.

The evening started off with President Erix Oliva,El MonteRosemeadAdultSchool, conducting a couple trivia quizzes for the guests.  It’s amazing what you can remember from 40 years ago and game winners received free drink tickets. Our guest of honor for the evening was Congresswoman Judy Chu, 32nd District, who then installed our new Executive Board of Directors.

Trivia quizzes

Board Member Ryan Junk, Past & Current President Rosemead Chamber of Commerce - Amy Wu & Erix Oliva

The rest of the evening went off fabulously, everyone was in such a free spirited mood, cameras were snapping and guests were laughing. The food was great, there were lots of prizes, awards, games and even a silent auction going on. Many thanks to our Door Prize Sponsors: Little People School, JRC Wrought Iron, Charlie Brown’s Restaurant, Holiday Inn Express, Doubletree by Hilton, DiPilla’s Italian Restaurant, Brown’s Jewelry & Loan and El Patio Bar & Grill. And thanks to Richard Fierro and Consolidated Disposal who donated the silent auction items: Dodger tickets, that were won by Amy Enoto-Perez, Superintendent/Rosemead School District, and two sets on Lakers tickets, who were won Leticia Martinez, Consolidated Disposal, and Amy Wu, Holiday Inn Express.

Free Love!

We were also lucky enough to have as guests, some past Board Presidents of previous years at the Chamber.  Uma Chander, 1995-1996, Ernie Ayala, 2001-2003, and Joan Hunter, 1985-1986 and 2003-2005.

Later that evening, the 29th Annual Herb Hunter Business Person of the Year was awarded to James Wang, CH Auto and the Business of the Year was awarded to UFC Gym, Ryan Junk accepting for UFC, and the Ambassador of the Year award to Jean Hall.  All awardees were well deserving and quite appreciative of their awards.  Board members were also presented with certificates of Appreciation from the Legislative offices that were present at the event, Congresswoman Judy Chu, Senator Ed Hernandez, and Assemblyman Mike Eng.

Ambassador of the Year award to Jean Hall.

Business of the Year was awarded to UFC Gym, Ryan Junk accepting for UFC

And a special thanks to all our milestone members, for without them this event could not be possible.  40 years Membership: California Mission Inn, 35 years: PSA Private Storage Areas, 30 years:GarveySchool District, 25 years: Irish Construction, and 20 years: Consolidated Disposal.

” I was excited and privileged to be able to attend such a great event for the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce.  Everyone did such a great job putting everything together and making it a very special night.”, replied Renee Chan of Consolidated Disposal Services.

The Chamber would like to thank everyone that planned, helped, donated and supported this event, “All you need is Love”.

The man behind the show- Chief Executive Officer, Min Hsien Wang

For more information:

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The Rosemead Library is now open and Everyone is invited to come and visit their new…

                         Asian Pacific Resource Center Rosemead Library

The Asian Pacific Resource Center (APRC) is a special collection of information from the County of Los Angeles Public Library. It was established in 1979, to serve the information needs of the richly diverse Asian and Pacific Islander communities of the Los Angeles Country.

The total holdings of APRC are approximately 22,000 in various formats, including books, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, audiovisual materials, and micro-form.

The collection includes materials in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

The emphasis of the English language materials is on the Asian/Pacific Islander American experience, with a core collection on the history and culture of China,Japan,Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The center includes a smaller collection on Hawaii and American Samoa. It’s scope encompasses both popular entertainment in the form of film, music, and novels, as well as academic materials. The Asian Pacific Resource Center hosts programs, prepares displays and exhibits to celebrate  the cultural heritage of the Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Programs include book discussions, author visits, folk art workshops, and dance and music recitals. APRC provides in-depth reference service to researchers and to the general public. The center offers information and referral services to assist in locating agencies that address the needs of the Asian American and Pacific Islander American communities.

Library Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Saturdays – 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Friday, Monday, & Sunday – Closed

Rosemead Chamber of Commerce

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